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Little Warriors

This Program is designed specifically for ages 4 to 6 years old. Our instructors will teach kids respect and discipline while having fun. Little Warriors learn to follow instructions, improve coordination, build strength and do so in safe environment. Parents are encouraged to get on the mat and take a role in their Little Warrior’s training.


This Program is designed for ages 7 and up. Kids, teens, parents and even grandparents are all welcome. Students will learn the basics of kicking, striking, blocking and grappling. Then, we add in proper falling techniques, escapes and take-downs and you have the tools to be the best you can be.


Once you decide you want even more from your training, you will have the option of joining our Leadership Program. This Program will focus on some advanced aspects of Kyuki-Do and help develop a better understanding of the martial arts. Members will have dedicated classes available only to leadership students.


Weapons training is a separate class available to all students. We will spend 6 months per weapon, going through proper techniques and handling of the weapon.