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Mr. Donny Thompson

4th Dan Black Belt

Mr. Donny Thompson started his martial arts journey at the age of 12. He is currently a 4th Degree (Dan) Black Belt in the art of Kyuki-Do. He also holds a 4th Degree (Dan) in Tae Kwon Do. Until the opening of the Cartersville location, he spent several years training with Master Merrill Sinclair in Dallas, Georgia. During his time in Dallas he also helped manage the daily activities and assisted in class instruction. He has trained with various Masters in the American Kyuki-Do Federation and continues to attend numerous training events annually. In order to spread the teachings of Kyuki-Do, he opened AKF Family Martial Arts of Cartersville in July of 2017.

Mr. Evan Fix

3rd Dan Black Belt

The personal benefits of studying Kyuki-Do have evolved over time as I have grown. In the beginning, it helped me gain self-confidence, body strength and success. My focus and communication skills improved both at the studio and at school. I have learned respect from both my upbringing at home as well as at Master Sinclair’s. The goal setting and achievement factors that are built into reaching the next belt level were instrumental in making me a very disciplined and goal-oriented high schooler. From training students at both Mr. Thompson’s school and Master Sinclair’s school to the variety of forms, drills, and weapons, Kyuki-Do has kept me interested and engaged in my training over the years.

I recently reached my ninth year as a student at Sinclair’s Kyuki-Do Martial arts. Now that I have achieved my 3rd degree black belt, and am working towards my 4th, I plan on helping more students train their skills by hopefully starting a club at Georgia Tech. This will be a wonderful opportunity to grow my leadership skills while working with all ages and will help me learn to balance my life with education. Perhaps the most beneficial thing I have gained over the years in Kyuki-Do is friendship with my fellow students and teachers. It has always been such a welcoming environment and I am grateful that I could be a part of such an awesome society.

Mr. Lyles

2nd Dan Black Belt

Mr. Lyles began his journey in martial arts at the age of 7 here at AKF Family Martials Arts Cartersville.

Mr. Daniel Craven

1st Dan Black Belt

Immediately after his graduation from KSU, Mr. Craven began his martial arts journey here at AKF Family Martial Arts Cartersville.